Blink Roadmap

This roadmap can be modified at any time. Each element can be moved, removed, or canceled. Each date can be modified as development goes on. With this said, I work hard every single day to stick to it as much as possible and possibly add even more things. Thank you for understanding!


Keep in mind that these are the dates on which the new versions will be submitted to the Unity Asset Store, time of approval may vary and is 100% up to the Unity team, but they are usually quick to approve updates.


RPG Builder Updates:

  • Improved RPG Builder editor navigation & layout (Completed)
  • Character Loader: Allows entering any Game Scene directly without using the Main Menu in Editor (Completed)
  • 30+ Humanoid Animations produced by Blink provided for FREE to all RPG Builder users (Completed)
  • New Character Model, Armors, Weapons, Textures, Sounds, Environment & Particle Effects(Completed)
  • Completely new 2.0 DEMO (Completed)
  • New AI system: Fully modular & more optimized (Completed)
  • Bank / Container for player storage (Completed)
  • Gameplay Code Optimization (Completed)
  • Codebase improvements (Completed)
  • Improvements to the code extensibility for easier addon development (Completed)
  • Editor Optimization (Completed)
  • World Persistence (Completed)
  • Multi-Function Interactable Objects (Completed)
  • Mount System (Completed)
  • Improvement to the built-in character controller (Completed)
  • Pause System, and define when it should be triggered per UI panel or other actions (Completed)
  • Conditional Requirements in Editor (Completed)
  • Requirements for loot tables (Only drop if X Skill is Y level, or if Z Quest is active, etc) (Completed)
  • Modular & Persistent Time System (Completed)
  • Day / Night cycle based on the Time System (Completed)
  • The RPG Builder editor is now fully modular. Very easy to add new custom categories, modules, database entries etc (Completed)
  • Event System. Programmers can now register to 300+ Game Events and execute actions when they trigger (Completed)
  • Game Event Classes: CombatEvents, GeneralEvents, WorldEvents, GameEvents, UIEvents (Completed)
  • Modified the codebase to heavily use the new Event System (Completed)
  • Removed 99% of the Singletons. Allowing to enable/disable or even delete pretty much anything the developer wants and have everything still working perfectly (Completed)
  • Performance boost when retrieving data from the Game Database by using Dictionaries (Completed)
  • A lot of fields have been made private, as they are no longer needed to be public with the new Event System (Completed)
  • Replaced CombatNode with CombatEntity. It allows porting a lot of player-only features and mechanics, to NPCs too. This also allows coders to create their very own Combat Entities that can be used on the player or an NPC, for their own custom behaviors and logic. (Completed)
  • AI Behavior Template: A collection of AI States, that together are defining how the NPC moves and fights. NPCs can have a list of multiple behavior templates, and a chance for each to be picked once the NPC is spawned, adding a lot of diversity within the same NPC type. (Completed)
  • Improved the RPG Builder editor layout and fixed height/width issues when docked to certain areas of the Unity Editor (Completed)
  • New Template type: Sound. It contains all available options from Audio Sources (Completed)
  • Game Animations are now Templates. Allowing to create them once and re-use them on demand (Completed)
  • Added support for Randomly picked Animation Parameter name to avoid repetition in combat (Completed)
  • Added support for Animation Sequences, allowing to play animations in a specific order (Completed)
  • Visual Effects are now Templates. Allowing to create them once and re-use them on demand (Completed)
  • Visual Effects now have an endless option for the ones we want to never be destroyed (Completed)
  • Now possible to set the speed of each individual animation when using abilities or else (Completed)
  • Fully customizable colors for the RPG Builder Editor (Completed)
  • Now possible to create theme templates for the RPG Builder Editor skin (Completed)
  • Modular Target UI. Allowing you to have as many different stat bars as you want (Completed)
  • UI Display Components. Allowing you in a few clicks to display a lot of information in your UI about certain things like the Character Level, Icon, Stat, Name, and so on. Very useful for creating your own UI panels (Completed)
  • UI Panels are now modular, and no longer required to be active in the scene. They can now freely be disabled or even deleted. Also implemented a new way to globally enable them from anywhere, as well as checking from anywhere if they are currently opened (Completed)
  • Moved the Level from Class to Character (Completed)
  • All cursor textures can now be set directly from the RPG Builder Editor (Completed)
  • Moved all settings that were previously set on the manager classes to the RPG Builder editor instead (Completed)
  • Re-written the entire Damage & Heal calculation to be more performant and more intuitive (Completed)
  • Global Cooldown Duration for NPCs is no longer global, it is per NPC instead (Completed)
  • Loot Bag for NPCs is no longer global, it is per NPC instead (Completed)
  • Level Up prefab is no longer global, it is per Level Template instead (Completed)
  • Layers destroying projectiles are no longer global, they are per Ability instead (Completed)
  • Layers stopping a leap are no longer global, they are per Ability instead (Completed)
  • RPG Builder Essential Prefab is now in the Editor instead of the MainMenuManager (Completed)
  • Loading Screen Manager Prefab is now in the Editor instead of the MainMenuManager (Completed)
  • Effects can now be set to be invisible in the UI (Completed)
  • Player position and rotation are now saved for each Game Scene (Completed)
  • Improved Duplicate database entry name generation (Completed)
  • Improved readability of editor text fields (Completed)
  • Improved Database Entries folder names (Completed)
  • Improved Database Entry suffixes for better readability in the project (Completed)
  • Moved various data structures to their own file (Completed)
  • Renamed various classes, methods, and field names (Completed)
  • Improved namespaces (Completed)
  • Improved camera collision (Completed)
  • We no longer need the camera rig in each scene, every controller/camera components are now on the character prefab (Completed)
  • Added zooming to the built-in character controller (Completed)
  • Interactable Objects can now trigger Visual Effects, Animations, and Sounds (Completed)
  • Added Activation Types for Interactable Objects: Start, Completed, Interrupted, and Cancelled (Completed)
  • Improved Interactable Object inspector (Completed)
  • Control which body part is hidden for each armor piece individually (Completed)
  • Modular weapon slot system (Completed)
  • New Advanced AI System using state machine system, allowing coders to create completely custom AI behaviors (Completed)
  • Phase System for NPCs. Phases have their own model, abilities, effects applied, behavior templates, and conditions (Completed)
  • NPC Patrol path system (Completed)
  • Requirements for NPC Spawners (Completed)
  • Multi-Function NPCs (Quest giver + Dialogue + Merchant etc) (Completed)
  • New Combat Mechanics & Features (Completed)
  • New Vitality Bonus stat type (Completed)
  • Advanced Ability Tooltips (Completed)
  • NPC Spawners overrides (Completed)


RPG Builder Updates:

  • Improving the current features and systems (In Progress)
  • Game Modifiers Part 2 (In Progress)
  • Support for games with pre-defined playable characters (In Progress)
  • Flat option for all stats that are currently percentage only (In Progress)
  • Fully configurable gameplay text content in the editor (Not Started)
  • New YouTube videos (Not Started)

In the future? Maybe. Not confirmed.

RPG Builder Multiplayer (Co-op) (New Product)

  • New purchase (Discount for all RPG Builder owners)
  • Up to 20 Players per world/instance
  • Same workflow as RPG Builder offline
  • RPG Builder projects can be ported to RPG Builder Online
  • Hosted locally by the players, hosted by Blink, or hosted on your own servers

RPG Builder Survival (Addon):

  • Action-Based Resource Nodes
  • Phase Support for Resource Nodes
  • Toolbar System
  • Weight System
  • Item Durability & Repair
  • Timed Crafting
  • Farming
  • Breeding
  • Taming
  • Fishing

RPG Builder Character Customization:

  • Fully modular and developer-defined customization options
  • Configurable color and scale for each customization option
  • Race & Class-specific customization options
  • Appearance changes during gameplay. Example: The character starts with small wings, as he levels up or completes objectives, the wings become bigger, or change color, and so on. All of this is decided by you.
  • The goal is to develop it as modular as possible so that it will work with as many character packs as possible out of the box, so anyone can use the characters they want

Other RPG Builder Features:

  • Particle + Audio + Effects Sequencer Editor
  • Game Modes (Permadeath, Wave of enemies, etc)
  • Bag System to increase the maximum amount of inventory slots by equipping bags
  • Mobile support
  • Revamp of the Talent Tree UI system, allowing for different layouts and more customization
  • Weapon specific Action Bar