Blink 2021 Roadmap

This roadmap can be modified at any time. Each element can be moved, removed, canceled. Each date can be modified as development goes. With this said, I work hard every single day to stick to it as much as possible and possibly add even more things. Thank you for understanding!


Keep in mind that these are the dates on which the new versions will be submitted to the Unity Asset Store, time of approval may vary and is 100% up to the Unity team, but they are usually quick to approve updates.

5th of March 2021

RPG Builder 1.0.3:

  • Documentation (Completed)
  • New DEMO (Completed)
  • Faction System (Completed)
  • Gear Sets (Completed)
  • Enchanting (Completed)
  • Socketing & Gems (Completed)
  • Vitality Actions (Completed)
  • Auto Attacks (Completed)
  • Various new combat features (Completed)
  • (Extra) Conditional Effects (Completed)
  • (Extra) Action Abilities (Completed)
  • (Extra) Loading Screen System (Completed)
  • (Extra) Developer Panel Improvements (Completed)
  • (Extra) Spellbook System (Completed)

15th of April 2021

RPG Builder 1.0.4:

  • Character controller Integration Improvements (Completed)
  • John Stairs MMO Controller Integration (Completed)
  • Overall bug fixes (Completed)
  • Code improvement (Completed)
  • Dialogue System (Completed)
  • (Extra) Weapon Templates (Completed)
  • (Extra) Class-Less RPG (Completed)

17th of August 2021

RPG Builder 1.1:

  • Advanced Region System (Completed)
  • Editor Filter System Part 1 (Completed)
  • Combo System (Completed)
  • Toggled Abilities (Completed)
  • Shapeshifting (Completed)
  • Mobility Abilities (Completed)
  • Combat Visual System Replacement & Improvements(Completed)
  • (Extra) New Character Controller (Completed)
  • (Extra) Destructible Objects (Completed)
  • (Extra) Stealth (Completed)
  • (Extra) Flying support (Completed)
  • (Extra) Knockback (Completed)
  • (Extra) Motion Effect Type for Dodge / Roll / Dashes (Completed)
  • (Extra) Active Blocking (Completed)
  • (Extra) Dispell (Completed)
  • (Extra) Roll Loot Table Effect Type (Completed)
  • (Extra) Dynamic Animation set based on equipped weapon type(s) (Completed)
  • (Extra) Game Modifiers Part 1 (Completed)
  • (Extra) Editor Optimization Part 1 (Completed)
  • (Extra) Action Key system for easy game key binding (Completed)
  • (Extra) Stat Allocation System (Completed)
  • (Extra) New Editor Layout (Completed)
  • (Extra) Dynamic Editor Layout (Completed)
  • (Extra) Collapsible Editor Module Sections (Completed)
  • (Extra) Linked NPC Aggro (Completed)
  • (Extra) Action Bar system improvement (Completed)
  • (Extra) Screen Overlay System (Completed)
  • (Extra) Species System (Completed)
  • (Extra) Pets Improvement (Completed)

September 2021

Top-Down Click To Move Controller: (Launched)

  • Standalone character controller for Unity
  • Ready to use with RPG Builder

World Cluster: (Launched)

A standalone tool allowing you to:

  • Disable/Enable game objects, lights, particle systems and renderers
  • Swap material, tag, layer

Clusters can be triggered by colliders, UnityEvent, or a single line of code

Perfect for top-down games, allowing you to navigate through buildings easily but also great for any game as it makes it possible to disable unlimited amounts of lights, particle systems, renderers, and more based on your character’s position.

November 2021

UI Utilities: (Launched)

A standalone tool allowing you to:

  • Select & Modify unlimited amounts of Images, Colors, Fonts, Rect Transform, Buttons, etc.. at the same time
  • Easily change the names of unlimited amounts of game objects following specific rules like numbers, prefix, suffixes and more

December 2021

RPG Builder 1.1.1:

  • Codebase improvements allowing to extend RPG Builder without having to modify the core code (Not Started)
  • Game Modes (Not Started)
  • Mounts (Not Started)
  • World Persistence (Not Started)
  • Banks / Containers (Not Started)
  • Temporary RPG Builder character directly in a game scene without using Main Menu (Not Started)
  • New Combat Mechanics (Not Started)
  • Shield / Absorb Effect Type (Not Started)
  • Flat option for all stats, to not use a percentage (Not Started)
  • Boss Phases (Not Started)
  • Custom AI States for coders. Affecting the way NPCs move and fight (Not Started)
  • NPC Patrol path (Not Started)
  • NPC Spawners overrides (Not Started)
  • Multi Function NPCs (Not Started)
  • AI Optimization (Not Started)
  • Loot tables requirements (Not Started)
  • Inventory bag system, allowing to slot new bags/containers that increases the maximum amount of available slots (Not Started)
  • Multi Function Interactive Nodes (Not Started)
  • Day / Night Cycle with rules for NPCs as well as in editor requirements for time of the day (Not Started)
  • Mobile support (Not Started)
  • Editor Optimization Part 2(Not Started)
  • Editor Filter System Part 2 (Not Started)
  • Game Modifiers Part 2 (Not Started)
  • Combat Node Optimization (Not Started)
  • New Stat Types (Not Started)
  • Support for games with pre defined playable characters (Not Started)
  • Advanced Ability Tooltips (Not Started)
  • Requirements update allowing for conditional ones (Not Started)
  • Revamp of the Talent Tree UI system, allowing for different layouts and more customization (Not Started)
  • Modular weapon slot system (Not Started)

Survival Addon for RPG Builder:

  • Action Based Resource Nodes (Not Started)
  • Phase Support for Resource Nodes (Not Started)
  • Toolbar System (Not Started)
  • Weight System (Not Started)
  • Item Durability & Repair (Not Started)
  • Timed Crafting (Not Started)
  • Farming (Not Started)
  • Breeding (Not Started)
  • Taming (Not Started)
  • Fishing (Not Started)