RPG Builder Version 1.0.1

What’s New ?

  • A Theme Manager has been implemented in the RGPB Editor
  • Light theme has been added to RPGB Editor
  • We can now decide if we want to display the cast bar or not for abilities that have a cast time
  • Now possible to decide if an ability slot can have its ability dragged or not
  • Added a new event inside CharacterEvents called when an item is Equipped
  • Now possible to have a list of starting items for Races, Classes, and Skills. Items can also be equipped
  • Class start items are now visible on the character model in the character creation
  • Added a skill modifier option for damage and healing effects
  • Now possible to trigger interactive nodes by entering their collider
  • Added distance setting for projectiles
  • Added an Action Bar slots count setting in the editor
  • Abilities Data on the CombatNode component are now auto-generated on Player Initialization, based on the Action Bar slots count
  • Automatically known abilities are not automatically added to the action bar upon character creation
  • Added glowing Button & Text when talent points are available to spend


  • The character is now facing the cursor position when using an ability in the click to move controller, and it is possible to rotate him during cast time
  • Added Display Name for all elements in the editor
  • Updated some colors in the Editor to fit the branding of THMSV and RPGB
  • Now possible to multi-edit the custom inspector classes
  • A default icon is now displayed in the Editor for elements that do not have one. All element names are now aligned
  • Replaced equipment slots default icons because previous one were too dark
  • The Editor folder has been moved inside _THMSV/RPGBuilder/


  • Stand time now works properly when using the click to move character controller
  • Fixed a bug that caused States on Unit Nameplates to sometimes be visible even if the state was over
  • Fixed a bug that caused ability/recipes/resource nodes/bonuses ranks to be restored after removing them and saving the element
  • Fixed a bug that caused a warning to be spammed in the console (MovementState)
  • Fixed a bug that caused leap abilities to not work well when using the click to move controller
  • Fixed a bug that would cause NPCs with a roam range of 0 to move in a weird way
  • Fixed a bug that caused action bar Key Texts to not be instantly updated when changing a key
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Upper Body Animator Layer to always be active even when the character was standing still
  • Abilities that cannot be used while moving can no longer be used while jumping
  • Characters can no longer be created if their name already exists
  • Character names can now only accept letters
  • Added checking for system exploitation to prevent errors on macOS with the Win32 class
  • Fixed a bug that would not properly adjust the equipment list for existing characters
  • Fixed a bug that would cause collision issue son the player when in Click To Move controller
  • Fixed NPCs floating slightly above the ground, Height Mesh needed to be ticked on on the NavMesh settings