1.0.4 Hotfix Plan

RPG Builder 1.0.4 came with a few issues that, while being very minor and easy to fix, still requires a hotfix patch due to them being directly part of the demo.

ALL The following issues will be fixed during this weekend, and hopefully live on the store by Monday 19th, depending on Unity’s team.

Current list of issues:

1. Slow Amount while casting feature for abilities is bugged, it will cause the character to be rooted.

How to fix it?
Set Slow Speed Amount to 0 in the editor for abilities that have an amount above 0.

Also, set fireball ability mechanic to Target Projectile instead of Projectile.

2. The Dialogue Line for the wolf axe have the wrong Instance ID assigned.

How to fix it?

Simply assign the Instance ID 46550 to the “Do you know about the wolf axe?” Dialogue Node, inside Requirements. (Open by clicking advanced options)

Also assign the Instance ID 46550 to the “I have it” Dialogue Node, in Game actions (Last one from the list, type CompleteDialogueLine)

3. The John Stairs integration is using an outdated code base for the controllers

Do not bother with that one, I will provide the full solution with the hotfix patch

4. Resources node(s) with the wrong Type

How to fix?

You can find the resource node prefabs under _THMSV>RPGBuilder>ResourceNodes

Select them and replace their Type by ResourceNode (First on the type list)